What You Need To Know About Trailer Concrete Pumps

Concrete pumps have become very common in construction sites. They allow for easier transfer and more precise placement of concrete. They also help to make the process less labor intensive. There are different types of concrete pumps available on the market today and they have all proved to be essential equipment to have in any construction project. Trailer concrete pumps are some of the most popular concrete pumps.?

Basically, trailer concrete pumps are concrete pumps that are mounted on single or multiple axle trailers and they utilize high pressure to pump the concrete. The trailers are usually attached to a suitable vehicle which then transports the trailer to the construction site. These types of concrete pumps are also referred to as stationary/line/static concrete pumps. Trailer concrete pumps offer numerous benefits that make them a preferred choice.

trailer concrete pump

The pumping power of trailer concrete pumps ranges from 30 cubic meters per hour to 135 cubic meters per hour. This transfer rate far exceeds the capability of other methods of transferring concrete such as cranes which stands at 12 cubic meters per hour. In addition, a máy bơm bê tông loại nhỏ delivers concrete at a constant rate while cranes and other traditional means deliver at a varying rate. This means that when you use trailer concrete pumps, there are minimal delays as the construction crew doesn’t have to keep waiting for new batches of concrete.

Another great advantage of trailer concrete pump for sale is that it offers a lot of flexibility. By varying the number and types of hoses used, you can easily gain access to locations where it would otherwise be more difficult to pump using other methods. Concreting can be done precisely whether it is at great heights, depths, and even unreachable lengths. To put this into perspective, a trailer concrete pump can pump concrete vertically up to a distance of 400 meters and horizontally up to a distance of 2000 meters. This makes these types of trailers very effective for any type of construction project.

Numerous hoses can be extended from one trailer concrete pump, which eliminates the need for constant relocation of the concrete pipe which makes work easier for the construction crew. The steel parts of the concrete pipe and larger diameter pipelines are usually heavy and difficult to transport. Numerous pipelines allow for the supply of concrete to different locations at a time. This is very useful especially if you are supplying concrete to a large area or high-rise multi-story buildings.

trailer concrete pumps

Trailer mounted concrete pumps are available in different capacities. This means that depending on the requirements of your job, you can easily find a trailer concrete pump that suits your needs. What’s more, mini concrete pumps for sale have a far greater capacity than that of other pumps such as the mobile concrete pumps or the truck-mounted concrete pumps.?

Concreting in tunnels, bridges, power stations and other areas where concrete pumps cannot reach can be easily done with a trailer mounted concrete pump. Their mobility also allows them to be transported to almost any construction location as long as the appropriate vehicle is used. Learn more pump details here: https://trailerconcretepump.com/small-concrete-pump/.

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