Best Applications Of Our Cantilever Gantry Crane Revealed

The purchase of a gantry crane from our company might be one of the best decision you ever make. These can be used for a wide variety of applications, especially when using one of our larger models. For example, you might be interested in obtaining a cantilever gantry crane, one of the largest types that are made today. They are perfect for loading and unloading different products, and can be obtained for a very reasonable cost by comparison to our competitors. If you would like one of these large gantry cranes installed at your facility, let’s discuss why this might be one of the best investments that you will ever make.

cantilever gantry crane for sale

Cantilever Gantry Crane For Sale

How Does A Cantilever Gantry Crane Operate?

These were originally designed to improve the overall lifting capacity of a standard crane of a similar size. It is also helpful at preventing any type of deformity that could occur on the free leg of this crane by simply adding an additional cantilever to the mechanism. These are quite large, capable of lifting up to 200 tons or more depending upon their size and design. There are other parameters to consider before purchasing one and they should cater to the type of products that you are using and shipping.

What Parameters Should You Be Focused Upon?

The parameters that you need to think about will include the span length, lifting speed, lifting height, and also the traveling speed of the crane. In fact, the traveling speed is very important because this is the speed at which the load will be shifted from side to side once it is airborne. If you are able to park a couple different flatbed trucks, railway cars, or semi trucks underneath, your ability to load and unload these types of vehicles will be greatly accelerated. It is also a good idea to get one that has a extremely tall lifting height and a lifting speed that can match.

Why You Can Trust Our Cantilever Gantry Cranes

The main reason you will be able to trust our products is that we have a track record in the industry. We have been producing these for many years and we have customers worldwide. Even these larger units have been sold in great abundance to clients in several different countries. They are designed to last, and even if you are quite a distance from our main distribution site, the cost of shipping will not be that much at all. We will guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the gantry cranes that we produce, especially our cantilever gantry crane series.

If you have not purchased one of these yet, you will definitely want to consider getting one if you are in an industry that is lifting containers. This will speed up the process substantially, and if the lifting speed and crane traveling speed are extremely fast, you could take on more clients and fulfill more orders because of how fast it will operate. Just make sure that the lifting capacity can handle the heaviest loads that typically come in. If all of these parameters line up, along with the price, you should consider one of our cantilever gantry cranes for your company.

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